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Annual subscriptions (Sep-Aug) are currently:

  • Full Membership with Organist's Review £36

  • Student Membership £15 (includes Organists' Review)

  • Ordinary Membership (without Organists' Review) £21


You are welcome to join our events for a while before committing yourself to membership. However, we obviously hope that in due course you will wish to join us as a member.


If you would like to join us now please contact our Tresurer, Jonathan Clegg by email.


Organist's Review is published quarterly at £5.45 (free to full and student members). It includes educational articles on many aspects of the organ including technique and learning pieces; features on composers, organ music, organs both old and new, and less serious articles on what goes on at the organ console of an average church, as well as reviews of new organ and choral recordings, music and books.