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The NDSO is for young and old alike. The Society seeks to encompass all who have an interest in the organ and its music. Novice or professional, player or listener; All are welcome to share our enthusiasm for, and interest in The King Of Instruments and to join our activities. 

In the same way as anyone who plays football is a footballer, anyone who plays the organ is an organist. Perhaps surprisingly, only some 25% of our membership hold a permanent church appointment. So we really are open to all.

Newcastle is home to a number of fine and historic organs, the works of builders like Lewis, "Father" Willis, Harrison & Harrison, Binns and others are to be found in the City's churches, schools and concert hall.


Whether you are:

  • A young or old or enthusiastic beginner

  • A professional musician

  • A retired person learning a new skill

  • a 'reluctant' - pressed into playin simply because there is no one else

  • One who has played the organ for years but has never heard of the Society

  • An attendee at local organ recitals

  • A piano player interested in trying the organ


We seek to provide information and events which will encourage and support you in your interest in the organ. Our purpose is to promote the appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the organ and its music, both liturgical and secular, and to encourage the playing and use of the instrument in churches of all denominations and elsewhere. Our aims are to foster the active enjoyment of the organ, to encourage the conservation of worthy older instruments, and the building of new ones, and to try and ensure the future of the art of organ music and its performance. Our Mission is to spread abroad an enthusiasm for the organ, and to educate congregations and the general public in its appreciation, and to promote the development of organ playing skills.


We aim to provide:

  • Support for members

  • Stand-in and emergency organists

  • A programme of events

  • Details of organ teachers and practice organs

  • An introduction to the organ for keyboard players


Could the Society provide a short recital on your local organ and initiate the uninitiated in some of the basic features of the pipe organ ?

  • What are all those knobs and levers?

  • What is behind those pipes?

  • Can I, as a keyboard player play the organ?

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